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645 N Michigan, Suite 410
Chicago IL, USA 60611
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Phone: 312-274-0197
Fax: 312-376-8707

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Chicago Dizziness and Hearing (CDH) is a private medical practice affiliated with Northwestern University. We specialize in diagnosis and treatment of dizziness and hearing disorders. We also see many patients with headaches including migraine and sinus problems. We are happy to see complex patients. We offer a fellowship in Otoneurology.

CDH provides evaluations and treatment from two otoneurologists (Dr. Hain and Dr. Cherchi), an ENT otologist/allergist (Dr. Mamikoglu) and two vestibular physical therapists (Dr. Bart Tulicki and Dr. Nicole Steinberg).

Scheduling can be done through email reception@dizzy-doc.com or telephone (312-274-0197). For Dr. Cherchi and Dr. Mamikoglu, appointments can also be scheduled online (click on their name above).

Please fill out and return a form to us a week prior to your initial visit.

First visit to see Dr. Hain (otoneurology)-- pick ONE
     paper questionnaire (8 pages, fax or mail it to us)
     online questionnaire

First visit to see Dr. Cherchi (otoneurology) --
     online questionnaire

First visit to see Dr. Mamikoglu (otology, allergy/sinus) --
     online questionnaire (for dizziness or hearing issues)
     paper questionnaire (for allergy/sinus)

First visit to see Vestibular Physical Therapist (pick one)
     online questionnaire
paper questionnaire